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Ole Roemer is the
author of the thriller suspense series,
Paradise Lost

and his newest book,
The Little Girl Who Missed the Train

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The Books

The Man with the Silver Skull Ring

If you loved Stieg Larsson's "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,"
then you will want to read this book!
It may shock you, will make you laugh,
and may break your heart,
but you will never forget it.

Begins the story of a wealthy doctor dedicated to the idea of Free Will and ending the Drug Prohibition following the needlessly agonized death of his six year old daughter of leukemia. Dr Tresko becomes the target of the DEA, narco-traffickers and a corrupt totalitarian government system, after he forms his own libertarian country on an island in the Caribbean where everything is legal. The Drug Cartels and fascist U.S. government agency send assassins out to kill him & kidnap his older daughter in order to force his Free Drugs Island called Paradise to close down. But his Haitian bodyguard Tim Bucquetu and a quirky Danish assassin fight to save them. Meanwhile the Doc falls in love with a buxom young reporter who defends Tresko.

The Pirate with the Silver Skull Ring

This book may shock you, will make you laugh,
and may break your heart,
but you will never forget it.

Concludes the story of the wealthy doctor who first began to change his mind about the stupidity and cruelty of prohibiting all Illegal Drugs in America following the tortured death of his six year old daughter from cancer, when a simple and relatively harmless plant like marijuana could have eased her bouts of vomiting and agony. Instead, he is persecuted by the DEA for advocating the benefits of legalizing pot, and eventually, all drugs. Trumped up charges of using and distributing marijuana force him to flee the country, and he buys an island in the Caribbean where he declares all drugs legal, making his island, called Paradise, a haven for all rich and poor drug seekers--starting a war between himself and the United States to destroy the island and even assassinate him. Finally he is apprehended and there is a major trial, and more assassination attempts by the government and the drug mob.

There is a love story between the Doc and a sexy young reporter, a lot of kinky sex stuff, numerous assassins, even a gay heroin-addicted one who decides to change to the other side and save the Doc; kidnappings,  and at the bottom of it all, a highly enjoyable, thrilling and hilariously funny masterpiece. 

The Little Girl Who Missed the Train
During World War Two, the chance discovery of a little Jewish girl hidden at a Munich train station while the rest of her family were sent off to a concentration camp, leads two very politically opposite students to partner in an epic and reckless quest as they gradually fall in love with each other and the little girl, and risk their lives to bring the child to sanctuary across the Alps and out of Germany. Unknown to them, a valuable secret hidden in the child's coat has a degenerate Nazi SD officer hot on their trail, determined to capture and hang all three of them, and to rescue the priceless treasures for Hitler and his friends.

The Vampire Trees

When a monstrous saucer-like space ship lands in Florida, people are fascinated, and come from miles around to see it. But no alien visitors come out. Instead, strange wondrous globes are found in the grass beneath the ship and anyone who comes near or picks one up either becomes very ill or oddly hypnotized--then abruptly leaves to find any children they can, and to bring them inside the ship.

The enslaved people come back out to seek more children, but the young ones brought inside the giant saucer never reappear.  A horrible epidemic sweeps the region, while at the same time the enslaved humans bring more and more babies and children to the space ship.

Then a small courageous band of neighbors, led by an unlicensed doctor, his stoner friend and two lovely young women (his own beautiful Mexican housekeeper  and an oddly behaving, voluptuous Haitian nurse, initially more interested in the housekeeper's little boy than in treating anyone with viral symptoms) hatch a reckless plan to invade the alien ship and try to save humankind somehow.

This is a book with strong appeal for young adults and all lovers of classic science fiction. But there are some adult themes.